Carleton Clean Air strives to bring affordability using energy efficiency, and there’s no greater way to do that than to look at how you cool your home. High SEER rated central air conditioners can mean a world of difference for your electrical bill during the summer, pairing that with an energy use audit of your home could save you a ton of money on your monthly bills. Our professional licensed refrigeration mechanics will have your new system looking spiffy and keeping you cool for years to come.

Remember that yearly maintenance will prolong the life of your existing central air conditioner system. By having one of our technicians visit your home, we can assess any major issues, and have your central air conditioner system running smoothly and efficiently, saving you money every time it operates.

Our multi stage central air conditioner units are the latest in energy saving technology, designed to operate using less electricity when less cooling is required, this saves you money every single day. Our newest systems utilize insulated compressors that are so quiet you can have a conversation next to your air conditioner without having to raise your voice.

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The standard Central Air Conditioner is the most common piece of air conditioning systems in homes. It requires 2 vital pieces of equipment, an evaporator coil inside the furnace ductwork, and a condensing unit that sits outside the home. The evaporator is set in place to absorb heat from the air in the house and send it to the condenser that allows the outside air to absorb the heat. This is a simplified explanation for the refrigeration cycle. This cycle is very complex and requires years of training and licensing to work on in Canada. Regardless of the system in place, our expert technicians are trained to make sure it works as efficiently as it can.


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Mini-split systems utilize the same refrigeration cycle as residential split systems, however they are typically designed to work in applications where ductwork simply doesn’t work. Available as wall-units, or ceiling cassettes, there is an option for every need. Mini split air conditioning systems are a great alternative to window-shaker air conditioners in places like cottages or summer homes.

Our crew of technicians are experienced and licensed to service and install your equipment. We offer various energy efficiency options that can save you money during those hot summer days.

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