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Indoor Air Quality is the measure of the amount of contaminants in the air that you and your family breathe, proper ventilation and filtration can leave your air fresh and clean of pollutants, but if there are other issues in your home, sometimes a remediation is required to fix the problem.

For the price of a standalone Air-purifier, you can typically do more for your home by simply upgrading your home’s air filtration system.

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There exists many different types of replaceable filters such as pleated, media, fiberglass, polyester, HEPA, washable filters, and carbon chamber filters. When choosing which filter is best for your needs, you can trust in Carleton Clean Air experts to ensure you’re given the best filter type to suit your needs.

More advanced systems of filtration also exist to help keep contaminants, Volatile Organic Compounds, and micro-particulates from circulating in the air in your home. Electrostatic Air Filters use electrostatic charges to magnetise airborne particles and pull them out of the air-stream that goes through your furnace. Electrostatic systems eliminate virtually all allergens in a home. They are also typically washable, and as such only replacements when they break from use.

Another common option, especially for elderly or those with low immune systems is a UV filter, designed to eliminate any type of airborne bacterias and viruses that may begin to grow on your evaporator coil inside your duct-work.

Lastly, a great alternative to both powered systems, is a HEPA filter. it is the single most effective filtration system to date, which eliminates approx 99.97% of all airborne debris, including dusts, danders, allergens, even smells – if the HEPA in question has an integrated carbon filter. Each of these filter systems are worth more to your home than a consumer-grade Air purifier, with the latest sales trend, we recommend you take the money you would spend on that and use it to bolster your air filtration system with a whole-house system

Some of the benefits of having us install an aftermarket filter are: better lung health, less allergens and pollutants in your home, and dusting far less frequently; as virtually all of the airborne debris is removed every time the air is cycled in the room. Regardless of which technology is most interesting to you, a quick call to our technologists can help determine which system will work best for your home.


Mould is an issue that can happen to any home that is affected by humidity, if the problem is ignored, mold growth will continue at an exponential rate, until every bit of organic material in the house is covered in active spores. Mould is serious business that can cause severe health issues in even the healthiest of people. Permanent lung damage, and severe illness can occur from prolonged exposure to mold spores.

Signs of mold in a household:

  • Dark patches on walls, floors, ceilings, etc.. Specially near moisture,
  • Mouldy odor, have severe allergies in your home even after deep-cleaning,
  • Water problems in the household, such as leaky sinks, toilets, showers,
  • Cracked foundation or clogged weeping tile.

If you have found signs of mould in your home, give us a call and one of our licensed air quality testers can be dispatched to your home to do a visual check followed by an air quality test. Once the results come back, our crew of experienced mould remediators come and eliminate every trace of mould, then we perform a duct cleaning, followed by performing a clearance air quality test. Once your mould issues have been remediated, we proceed to create a plan to fix the cause of the mould by controlling the humidity in the home.

Many people have asked if Standalone Air Purifiers can help when you have active mould, the answer is that though they may help filter a small portion of air, they will not do enough to help outside of their coverage zone. The only thing that eliminates a mould issue is a proper mould remediation performed by licensed mould remediators.


  • Can occur even after deep-cleaning,
  • Water problems in the household, such as leaky sinks, toilets, showers,
  • Cracked foundation or clogged weeping tile.

If you have found signs of mould in your home, give us a call and one of our licensed air quality testers can be

Residential ventilation is a vital part of the home’s HVAC system. Without proper air flow your home is at risk of humidity issues and mould growth. If your home is too dry it can cause your family to get sick more often from dry sinuses – it is a common issue called “Sick Building Syndrome”. Proper ventilation, along with certain humidity control devices, will save you from such issues in your home.

Ductwork should be sized appropriately to ensure balanced airflow throughout the home. If you find yourself with rooms that are colder than others, or rooms with humidity issues such as kitchens and bathrooms, having one of our specialists visit your home could save you a future mold problem, or even save you money on heating your home.


Humidity control is one of the most important parts of an HVAC system, it is also the least obvious of the HVAC systems. The average person may not notice that their home is either too humid or too dry, and without the right equipment, improper humidity in the home can cause problems. We offer multiple solutions for high humidity homes, such as HRV’s that bring fresh-air into the home, or the installation of a dehumidification system to help mitigate humidity in the summer.

Humidifiers are the best option for dry homes, in the winter the cold dry air outside absorbs the humidity from the home through exfiltration, and causes the furnace system to work harder to heat your home. When the air in your home is too dry, it will cause your body moisture to evaporate, actively cooling your body, but installing a humidifier will eliminate the issue and is practically always required for a house in our region to operate at full efficiency during the heating months.


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