When you look for a contractor to work on your home, you never know what you’re going to get, but when you hire Carleton Clean Air Technologies, we can promise you quality, affordability, and positivity. We strive to offer solutions to any problem that you might face with your mechanical systems.

Our Licensed Technicians arrive on site dressed professionally and ready to help with a wealth of knowledge and a positive attitude. Whether you need services to your heating system, Cooling system, or any other mechanical system, we’re ready to install it, repair it, or replace it.


When you’re looking for dependability for your heating needs Carleton Clean Air has always been standing at the forefront. As a KeepRite dealer, all of our products are top of the line, with options for fully communicating systems you can access from anywhere in the world.


Carleton Clean Air strives to bring affordability using energy efficiency, and there’s no greater way to do that than to look at how you cool your home. Our professional licensed refrigeration mechanics will have your new system looking spiffy and keeping you cool for years to come.

Air Quality

Indoor Air Quality is the measure of the amount of contaminants in the air that you and your family breathe, proper ventilation and filtration can leave your air fresh and clean of pollutants, but if there are other issues in your home, sometimes a remediation is required to fix the problem.

Duct Cleaning

Ductwork is is the backbone of every buildings’ forced air system, when ducts get filled with dust, debris, household items, etc… you put strain on your heating system and on your lungs. Our trucks are customized to efficiently tackle and remove all the dust, debris, and obstacles that might be sitting in your ductwork.

Home Automation

We offer a variety of home automation solutions to fit every need, from light control systems to HVAC monitoring solutions, all the way to a full home-automation system that incorporates lights, security, HVAC, plumbing, even your appliances.

Home Energy Efficiency Audits

Energy use in your home is one of the most important factors to keep track of; Heating, Cooling, Electricity use, and Water use, Each comes in the form of a monthly bill in one way or another, and every household has room for improvement. In older homes, you can almost guarantee the energy savings will pay back the cost of the projects very quickly, this is a way of investing in your home to save yourself money for the rest of your life.

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