Home Energy Efficiency Audits

Energy use in your home is one of the most important factors to keep track of; Heating, Cooling, Electricity use, and Water use, Each comes in the form of a monthly bill in one way or another, and every household has room for improvement. In older homes, you can almost guarantee the energy savings will pay back the cost of the projects very quickly, this is a way of investing in your home to save yourself money for the rest of your life.


Your heating system is one of the major factors of energy use in the home, holding onto an old lower-efficiency system will lead to higher gas bills, and many times simply replacing with a high-efficiency system will pay back the cost of your system by the time it reaches its’ half-life. Maintaining your heating system before and after each heating season is also important to maintain peak energy efficiency and ensure the heating system is operating in a safe manner.


Cooling your home plays a major factor in energy efficiency in your home. However, your Air Conditioner is not the only important part in keeping your home efficient during the cooling period. Solar heat gain through windows and the insulation in your home play vital roles in making sure the cooling load in your home stays low.


Electricity is typically the largest bill for most Ontario residents, and there are countless ways to shed that electricity use, getting an energy audit of your home is the first step in reducing your electricity bill.

Most people think turning off the lights as the sure-fire way of reducing your electricity use, but many forget about the largest electrical loads: Inefficient air-conditioners, Furnaces with older AC motors, electric ovens, electric dryers, and electric domestic hot water tanks. Each of the listed appliances can be replaced with a Natural Gas or Propane system that will save money on you money overall by using cheaper Natural Gas instead of expensive Electricity.


There are two major costs for household water use: Water consumed, and domestic hot water; both factors have countless options to reduce costs and energy use. When benchmarking water consumption, there are different technologies that can help reduce your bills, such as low-flow toilets, faucets, and showerheads. There are also ways to reduce your domestic hot water costs by replacing old inefficient hot water tanks with newer high-efficiency models, or on-demand water boilers.


Air in the home is an important part of energy efficiency, during the winter you need to heat it, and during the summer you need to cool it, however what’s most important is that indoor air stays within the building envelope. The more outside air that infiltrates into your home, the more expensive it is to keep your home comfortable. Having an experienced technician audit the air exchanges in your home can save you money on heating, cooling, and ventilation costs.

Our team of Technicians can visit your home, help you benchmark your energy use, and tailor a plan to help you save money on your monthly energy bills.

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